The first issue of my photo magazine, Sans Shirt, is ready to go to print! This first issue features photos of Eric, from several different shoots. This is a 52 page zine, with glossy pages and cardstock cover, full colour.

Best of all – you can get this for $10.00, postage paid. (Breaking it down, the zine is $7.95, and the shipping/handling is $2.05)

If you wish to buy a copy, follow this link:

When will you get it? I will be placing my print order by Friday. It generally takes the printer 3 weeks to print and ship the books (sometimes sooner!), and then I turn around and ship your copy out to you via First Class Mail. Get your orders in by Friday at noon (Eastern time) to ensure you get a copy from the first batch!

Take care!

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About korokstudios

I am a multi-disciplined artist, from comics to photography to beadwork. This site focuses mainly on my beefcake photography. I am inspired by the old photos from the 1950's and 1960's. I am also inspired by the models I photograph - I am open-minded about ideas of what is attractive, sexy, etc... This leads to me working with a wide variety of people.

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