Bad news about postage rates! They’ve gone up! Quite a bit!

I will no longer be able to mail out photo magazines via First Class. They will ship via Priority Mail. I use cardboard photo mailers, and cardboard inserts to protect the magazines.

Photos will still go out First Class,but the postage fee will go up to $3.00. Sorry I have to do that, but the jump was high. I wasn’t charging enough to cover the cost of the mailer and postage anyway. Now, this will bring it closer to the costs.

Photos will remain at $6.95. If you go to eBid (, I will honor the old postage rates while those listings are active.


About korokstudios

I am a multi-disciplined artist, from comics to photography to beadwork. This site focuses mainly on my beefcake photography. I am inspired by the old photos from the 1950's and 1960's. I am also inspired by the models I photograph - I am open-minded about ideas of what is attractive, sexy, etc... This leads to me working with a wide variety of people.

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