Check out eBid… I’ll be running a sale over there – $5.50 5×7’s and $1.95 4×6’s. The sale is active thru 31 March. Why is this a secret sale? Because the listings will remain as they regularly do. To take part, just mention the secret sale to me when purchasing what you want. I’ll invoice you with the discounted price.

If a favoruite model hasn’t turned up there, just send me a request.

Please note: I will have a postage fee of $2.50 in effect for the duration of the sale. This is to encourage you to buy more than one or two photos, making this sale worthwhile for all.  I will offer free postage on orders of $50 or more!

Not included: eBay purchases, catalog purchases, or any non-eBid purchase. This is an eBid only sale! Please register and make your purchases thru eBid, sending me a message thru eBid about the sale.

Have fun checking out the photos! Feel free to ask me any questions!


29061217 29061218 29061219 29061220 29061221 29061222 29061223 29061224 29061225 29061226 29061227 29061228 29061229 29061230

About korokstudios

I am a multi-disciplined artist, from comics to photography to beadwork. This site focuses mainly on my beefcake photography. I am inspired by the old photos from the 1950's and 1960's. I am also inspired by the models I photograph - I am open-minded about ideas of what is attractive, sexy, etc... This leads to me working with a wide variety of people.

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